5 Best Flux Welders under 200 and Buying Guide 2022

A Flux welder is a must for every type of welder. But, one problem pertains here. And that is its expense.

Flux welders do not come at low prices. They are generally pricey. And if the flux welders are not expensive, they would lack other features. And thus, they will not be the finest to use. 

We are presenting you with the best flux welders that will be within your budget. The following discussion will include five such flux welders that come under 200 dollars. But, you need not worry about their performance.

Each of the flux welders below will deliver you the finest quality of welding performance. You will enjoy optimum effortlessness and a smooth welding process. 

The following discussion includes the five best flux welders available below 200 USD. We have also put forth their specific features, benefits, and a few drawbacks to better understand.

So, let us dive right into the discussion without passing any more time.

5 Best Flux Welders under 200 and Buying Guide 2022

The following list includes the five best flux welders that come under 200.

1. HITBOX 3in1 Welder 220V Flux Core Welder Machine (Overall Best)

This flux welder is ideal for multipurpose usage. The design of this tool is quite different from the other. And it is not just different; it is more appealing as well. 

This tool weighs 16.63lbs. And thus, it is very lightweight. As a result, it becomes easily portable. Also, its inbuilt handle is firm and increases its quality of being highly mobile.

It is easy to use. And so, if you are a beginner, this tool can help you work smoothly with your initial projects—the control panel has different settings. But you will face absolutely no difficulties in figuring out the functioning of the control panel.

You can easily change the settings of the welder from the control panel. And thus, this will ensure the level of precision for your welding projects. 

  • Dimensions: 14.96 × 11.22 × 10.71 inches
  • Weight: 16.63lbs
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Amperage: 120 Amp
  • Duty cycle: 35%
  • Weldable Materials: steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel

What We Like:

  • Ease of functioning
  • Lightweight and thus, portable
  • Multipurpose welder tool

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not include aluminium as one of its weldable materials
  • Cords are quite short

2. VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core MIG 130 Welder (Best for Hobbyists)

If you are looking for a flux welder for your hobby projects and home repairs, the Vivohome Portable Flux Core MIG 130 Welder is the best fit. It is a no-reaction welder. And thus, it is ideal for serving these purposes. 

While welding, this tool self releases inert gas to the metal. And that is because of the flux-cored wire. And thus, it works best on light gauge steel. 

It is an efficient and powerful welding tool that delivers precision work on thin steel welding projects. There are four current flow settings. And thus, you can easily regulate the speed of welding with this tool. 

This is a highly portable tool. It is because it is both lightweight and compact. Thus, you can carry it wherever you want and whenever you want. It weighs just 34.6 lbs.

Among several accessories, it comes with a ground clamp. And the other accessories fulfil all the requirements essential for any welder. 

  • Maximum Current Output: 105 at 15%
  • Weight: 34.6 lbs
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz

What We Like:

  • Lightweight and compact. Thus, it is easily transportable
  • It is resistant to corrosion as well as rust
  • It consists of two air vents

What We Don’t:

  • It does not include thermal overload protection
  • May not be applicable for rigorous and long-hour welding work

3. Forney Easy Weld 261 140 FC-i MIG Welder (Best for Beginners)

This is one of the best flux welders for beginners. Or, if you want to own a flux welder that does not include much complex functioning procedure, then this is the best fit. It is an easy-to-use flux welder with impeccable performance quality. 

You do not stand a chance to commit faults with this tool. It is because this welder tool has a fire feed speed control. So you can dial in the exact weld you want. Additionally, it has an infinite voltage as well. 

It is undoubtedly a powerful flux welder with an output amperage of 140 amp. If you are planning to work all day long and vigorously, this welder tool will be your best companion. It has an all-metal case. 

This welder tool is ideal for any type or purpose of welding. Also, it is very lightweight. It weighs just 19lbs. And so, you can easily carry it anywhere you want. 

  • Dimensions: 16.75″ x 8.125″ x 12″ 
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Output Amperage: 140 Amp
  • Welding Thickness: ¼ inch
  • Adapter: 20A – 15A
  • Duty Cycle: 30% @ 90A

What We Like:

  • Lightweight, and thus easily portable
  • It has a warranty period of 1 year
  • It includes the feature of infinite voltage as well as speed

What We Don’t Like:

  • It may not be ideal for thin gauge metal welding.
  • The cords are not long enough.

4. Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 130 Flux Core Welder (Intuitive Flux Welder)

This is yet another optimum flux welder for beginners. Its functional features are highly intuitive. And thus, no worker will face any difficulty working with this welding tool.

This is a powerful welder as well. But, even after being a robust welder tool, it is very lightweight, making it possible for you to carry it anywhere you want. Also, it has a fixed and firm handle that makes its quality of being portable more improved. 

The material of the building is the finest quality PVC. It offers high-quality precision in work. It includes a flux-cored wire. It would help if you had not worried about the oxidation of the metal while welding. This tool has the feature of self-releasing inert gas. 

It has four buttons- MIN, MAX,1, and 2. With them, you can readily control the current flow. It also includes a rotary knob that adjusts the wire feeding speed. So, with this tool, you can easily handle the biggest and the most precise welding tasks effortlessly.

  • Dimensions: ‎20.25 x 15 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 98 pounds
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Duty Cycle: 10% at 105 AMP and 35% at 60 AMP
  • Welding Current: 50 to 120 amp

What We Like:

  • It has a copper tip that does not allow slag build-up
  • Compact in size and thus, highly portable
  • Impressive duty cycle 

What We Don’t Like:

  • The mask that comes with it is not of the best quality
  • It might not be suitable for long term rigorous welding

5. KICKING HORSE F130 UL-Certified Flux Core Gasless Welder (Best Lightweight Flux Welder)

It is best for the welding tasks in your home. So, if you want to buy a flux welder, primarily for your home welding tasks, this is the best fit.

It is highly intuitive. So, if you do not have professional-level skills or are just a beginner in welding, you can readily use this welder. Even the professionals, who deal with welding on soft metals, can readily use this welder tool.

You can tune in the voltage effectively. Thus, voltage control is one of the features of this welder. Also, this tool enhances energy efficiency by 25%. This feature is often absent in many flux welders. 

  • Weight:10.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 13.8 × 7 × 7.5 inches
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Marriage: 50 to 130 Amp
  • Duty Cycle: 50%
  • Weldable Materials: stainless steel and mild steel

What We Like:

  • Lightweight and thus, highly portable
  • Highly impressive duty cycle
  • Drivers 25% energy efficiency

What We Don’t:

  • The number of weldable materials is relatively less
  • MIG welding is not possible

Buying Guide: What factors must you consider while buying a flux welder?

If you are willing to buy a flux welder, there are certain factors you need to consider. These factors will ensure that you accept the best of the best product.

So, here are the different aspects that you must condor while buying a flux welder. 

I. Portability

Under this factor, some other factors are influencing this one. One is the size of the welder. If it is too large, you will not be able to carry it. So, it will not be very portable. Thus, try to opt for a small flux welder if you have to take the welder quite frequently for welding. 

Best Tig Welder

The second factor is the weight of the flux welder. If the importance of the flux welder is less, it will be more portable. Thus, try for a small, compact, and lightweight flux welder to ensure maximum portability. 

II. Power requirements

Different flux welders have additional power requirements. And this becomes one of the essential factors to check before buying the welder. Check how much power the flux welder you want to purchase needs.

Then ensure that the amount of power available with you matches the power requirement of the flux welders. Otherwise, you will not operate the welder for your work. 

III. Skill requirements

A beginner does not have as much skill as a professional and experienced welder. Thus, some flux welders have pretty complex functioning procedures. They might also need some complicated steps or abilities for setting up. 

So, you must ensure that the flux welder you are buying matches your skill capacity because some welders are ideal and specifically for beginners. Thus, it would be best for you to opt for the welder that fits the skill requirement of the tool with your skill capacity. 

IV. Duty cycle

This is yet another essential factor. It would be best to consider how long you use the flux welder. And another aspect that you must consider is how rigorously you would use it.

This determines the duty cycle. You might work every day or quite frequently. And also, unstoppably for long hours. In such a case, you must choose a flux welder with a duty cycle that matches your work potential. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you weld with flux Welders?

You can weld a variety of metals with flux welders. It includes steel, stainless steel, steel alloys, and also nickel.

Is Flux welding strong enough?

Flux welding creates the highest rate of filler deposit of material. And it is higher than every other method of welding. You can deliver up to 25 pounds of wire through flux welding every hour. 

Can we skip flux while welding?

During the process of welding, the temperature is very high. And thus, in the absence of flux, the metals react to atmospheric oxygen.

And as a result, they form the oxide of the respective metal. So, to avoid that, it is necessary to use flux while welding. 

Where will flux welding work best?

Flux welding is best for welding thick metals. It works best for welding tasks that are heavy duty and involve industrial level welding. Flux welding ensures a stronger, more secured and reliable welding function. 

How can I eliminate flux from welding?

There are many processes for removing the weld slag. You can use grinding, chipping. Abrasive blast cleaning method, flame cleaning or wire cleaning methods for removing slag. 

The reason is that you can not successfully remove the weld slag with the chemical solutions that one uses in the process of galvanization. 


These are the five best flux welders. And the best part about them is that they will not be as expensive as you would generally find other welders. They are under 200 USD.

Although they are inexpensive, they include all the necessary features to make them the finest. The work performance that they deliver is inimitable. And the effortlessness that you get from using these tools is also unprecedented.

So, opt for the ones that meet your needs the best. And enjoy your time welding with the best flux welder. 

If you want any further recommendation, for an overall purpose, it is best to opt for HITBOX 3in1 Welder 220V Flux Core Welder Machine

And, if you want to go for the cheapest flux welder. You must opt for VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core MIG 130 Welder