List of 5+ Best Cheap Plasma Cutter On Amazon For The Money

Best Cheap Plasma cutter
Best Cheap Plasma cutter

Do you need a plasma cutter that serves your needs and is affordable at the same time? Well, we are here to assist you in finding the best cheap plasma cutters with excellent performance and reliable features.

Plasma cutters are probably the most essential device to cut several metals in a precise way. From fabrication shops to industrial construction, plasma torch finds numerous applications. Besides, the plasma cutting procedure is almost irreplaceable when it comes to precise cutting on sensitive metals.

With such high-end applications, the cost also increases to a great extent. Thus, there are lots of flagship-level plasma torches in the market. But, as the world is witnessing rapid developments in technology by 2020, you can surely find affordable plasma cutters. Moreover, these devices can accomplish the same task as flagships with minimum compromises.

 Here, we are going to review such cheap yet efficient plasma cutters from reputed and trustworthy brands out there.  We have summed up all our experience and broad research to craft this review in a clear-cut way. Thus, you can be assured of getting the best cheap plasma cutters suiting your requirements and meeting your expectations. 

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List of 5+ Best Cheap Plasma Cutter On Amazon For The Money

Plasma cutters serve a wide range of applications because they work by sending an electric arc through the gas. These high-speed gases cut through the molten metal, and thus everything is controllable. Moreover, you can also direct the gas around the cutting area’s perimeter to protect the cut. With such benefits, along comes the price as well. 

Cheap Plasma cutter
Cheap Plasma cutter

Being a professional, you surely don’t want to spend bucks on a typical plasma cutter, right? Thus, it is always better to look for an affordable option around with the efficiency closer to the expensive ones. Fortunately, in 2020 it is possible to find the cheaper options in plasma cutters from reputed brands as well. 

But, finding the best device which is efficient yet reliable and safe is quite challenging these days. The Flood of many companies with similar specs and similar claims creates immense confusion. Thus, we have ended up crafting the best cheap plasma cutter review for you. 

All you have to do is go through the reviews and follow the buying guide to get the best deal for your requirements. So, without seconds late, let’s begin!!

1. SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Plasma cutter (IGBT Portable and Affordable Plasma cutter with  inverter technology)

SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Plasma cutter
SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Plasma cutter

This Portable Plasma cutter from SUNGOLDPOWER is a low-priced device with top-notch efficiency and performance. Besides, it comes packed with best-in-class features such as IGBT technology for stable electricity supply and dual voltage capabilities. Thus, you can carry this device anywhere and use it at your convenience.

Speaking about IGBT machines, these are more stable than the typical MOSFET machines, so a stable cut is guaranteed. If you are dealing with continuous cutting tasks, this inverter air plasma cutter from SUNGOLDPOWER is the best way to go. The features and performance of this plasma cutter will never let you down in your job.

Dual voltage is one of the most essential features of plasma cutters. The machine can run directly on 220V or 110V at 50/60Hz. These AC outlets are available everywhere to support ½’ ideal cut and 3.4” maximum cut of this machine. Moreover, it uses non-hazardous compressed air, making it the safest and probably best cheap plasma cutter. 

On the other hand, there is no compromise on the accessibility features like monitoring and controlling as well. This plasma cutter features an easily readable Digital LCD display to monitor the wattage, pressure gauge for different needs. Being compact and lightweight, you can also carry this device anywhere at ease.

Key Features
  • 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
  • Supports dual voltage capabilities at 110V and 220V
  • Has 60% of duty cycle with input air pressure less than 0.3MPA
  • Provides ½ “ ideal clean cut and ¾’ severance
  • Delivers power frequency of 50 to 60Hz
  • Compact and lightweight build
  • Simple to operate with a single switch
  • Features Digital LCD for monitoring
  • Comes with a feasible dial to regulate the output
  • Possesses over current and air pressure light indicator
  • Portable plasma cutter with an easy-to-carry handle
  • Comes with all kinds of protection and is waterproof
  • Produces stable arcs for cutting different metals
  • Comes with all sorts of accessories
  • Drag technology could be better, but it provides reasonable control to target an area on the metal surface
  • It takes some time to start working but works flawlessly once started

Verdict: –

SUNGOLDPOWER is one of the reliable choices when it comes to cheap plasma cutters. It can cut stainless steel, copper, iron, Aluminum, and other metal materials as well. Besides, the IGBT and inverter technology ensures consistent output with a stable power supply. If you are looking for an affordable plasma cutter, it is indeed worth a try.   

2. LOTOS LTP5000D (50 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Low price Plasma cutter)

LOTOS LTP5000D 50 Amp Non-Touch

LOTOS brings in all top-rated features in an affordable plasma cutter, making it enlisted in the Best Cheap plasma cutter review.  This clean-cut brown machine is capable of accomplishing the cuts, which is difficult for flagship cutters too. LOTOS technology, accompanied by IGBT technology, delivers stable power for smooth and clean cuts.

One of the best things about the LOTOS plasma cutter is the non-touch pilot ARC technology. This machine can efficiently cut through rough, painted, and rusty surfaces. Besides, it produces minimum slag when compared to other cutters, some being expensive as well. Moreover, you don’t even need to touch the tip to the metal for precise cutting.

When it comes to building, this compact plasma cutter is portable and has a handle for easy transportation. Dual voltage support complemented with potable design makes it an excellent device for small projects. Well, it is a pretty reliable machine and can be used to cut stainless steel, mild steel, Aluminum, and copper. 

Apart from the performance, this machine is also well-protected with a PAPST Advanced Cooling system. Besides, it uses non-hazardous compressed air and is totally safe for users. Furthermore, the setup is relatively easy, and even a beginner can use this machine easily.

Key Features
  • 50 Amp Digital inverter Air plasma
  • Can operate on automatic dual voltage and dual frequency
  • Features Non-Touch Pilot arc to cut without touching the metal tip
  • Safe with the non-hazardous compressed air
  • Delivers ½” ideal clean cut and ¾” maximum severance cut
  • Features industry type D plug and air filter regulator for a quick start
  • Comes with POST advanced cooling system for thermal regulation
  • Portable and lightweight with a sturdy handle
  • Comes with monitoring support with an analog and a digital display
  • Feasible dials for regulation
  • A pretty handy device with a compact size and lightweight build
  • Comes with all kinds of accessories required for cutting
  • Meters are pretty reliable for readings and monitoring
  • It can cut stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, Aluminum, and other conductive materials
  • The positive ground clamp is a bit shorter, but it is manageable
  • Not for heavy industrial tasks, but is capable than many expensive plasma cutters

Verdict: –

If you are looking for an affordable plasma cutter for light-duty projects, LOTOS offers everything you need.  Its IGBT technology, followed by dual voltage supports, can deliver efficient performance even for long-term usages. However, being portable and lightweight is a great addition for professionals with small DIY projects.

3. Mophorn TIG/MMA Plasma Cutter (Affordable 3 in 1 combo welding machine with dual voltage capabilities)

Mophorn TIGMMA Plasma Cutter

 An affordable plasma cutter with multiple functionalities is probably the most preferable option in the market. This TIG/MMA plasma cutter is also one such device that can perform TIG welding, ARC welding, and plasma cutting. With such versatile performance and multiple applications, MOPHORN is undoubtedly one of the best cheap plasma cutters out there.

Being a Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma cutting machine, you don’t need to touch the metal tip for cutting. Consequently, it can cut through rough, painted, and rust surfaces at ease while producing minimal slag. Besides, switching from one function to another TIG function or Stick welding function can be done with a single switch.

Dual voltage capability is an excellent addition for a plasma cutting machine this cheap. Thus, you don’t need to use conversion plugs, no matter where you are working. Additionally, the compact and lightweight design of the machine makes it easy to transport without any inconvenience.

With a compact design and versatile functions, it is powerful enough to cut thin steel and iron. The same follows for TIG welding or stick welding as well. However, all the monitoring and controllable features are readily available on the machine’s distinct control panel.

Key Features
  • 200A plasma cutter, ARC welder, and TIG welders
  • Comes with Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma cutting technology
  • Supports dual voltage capabilities
  • Compact and portable design with a sturdy handle
  • Lightweight build and easy to carry
  • Comes with a distinct panel packed with monitoring and controlling options
  • Has a digital LCD for accurate readings of output
  • Single switch operated machine
  • Feasible dials for regulating the current
  • Can cut and weld thin steel and iron
  • Comes with all kinds of accessories required for cutting and welding
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy transportation and storage
  • Comes with an analog and a digital meter for monitoring
  • Non-Touch Pilot Arc capability makes it convenient
  • Not for heavy-duty metals, but can deliver consistent power to cut many thin metals
  • It is relatively heavier than other devices but is well balanced with multiple applications

Verdict: –

The TIG/MMA welder and plasma cutter from Mophorn is a perfect choice for any home project. Multiple functions accompanied by stable power make a good deal in this price range. However, 85% of efficiency and 60% of duty cycle make it quite potent for real-time applications. 

4. HEROCUT CUT50DE (40 Amps Dual Voltage IGBT Inverter Air Plasma cutter)


This plasma cutter from HEROCUT is a decent performer with reliable features delivering stable operation. Advanced IGBT inverter Plasma technology in this cutter provides easy cut to stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, etc. Besides, high-frequency touch metal arc starting is an excellent addition for professionals. 

On the other hand, an Automatic dual voltage capability reduces the effort of switching from one voltage to another. Thus, all you have to do is connect the accessories, regulate the output, and start your cutting process. However, it comes with NPT ¼” Air connector to connect the machine with the air compressor.

When it comes to power delivery and efficiency, HEROCUT takes a leap with a 60% duty cycle in 30 Amps and 100% in 25 Amps. Similarly, at 220V, it can deliver 60% of the duty cycle in 40 Amps and 100% in 30 Amps. 

The portable and lightweight build of this IGBT Inverter Air Plasma cutter supports stable power output. Besides, it can deliver air pressure ranging from 40 to 70 PSI.  Likewise, all the protection-based features and control based options are present on the panel. 

Key Features
  • 40 Amps Plasma cutter
  • Comes with Latest IGBT Inverter technology
  • Features Automatic dual voltage capability without requiring to switch
  • Comes with NPT ¼” air connector for quick connection to the air compressor
  • Compact and lightweight build with a sturdy handle
  • Comes with a digital display to monitor the output
  • Feasible dial to regulate the wattage
  • Fan cooled operation for consistent performance
  • Delivers 10mm clean cut under 70ZPSI
  • Delivers 14mm severance cut
  • Comes with all kinds of accessories for plasma cutting
  • The digital display is readable under any conditions
  • Lightweight and compact body for easy transportation
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Not for heavy-duty metals, but it can cut stainless steel, Alloy steel, mild steel, and thin copper, etc
  • Relatively heavier than the typical cutters, but the study handle does its job

Verdict: –

HEROCUT offers every favorable feature which can make this device efficient in cutting. If you are looking for a plasma cutter to accomplish home DIY projects, it can be a great choice. Besides, you can quickly start the machine and use it with a single switch and due to the Air connector.

5. Super deal Cut 50 (DC Inverter plasma cutter and welding machine with dual voltage)

Super deal Cut 50

Superior performance and heavy-duty applications are the features limited to flagship-grade plasma cutters. This machine from Super deal proves this theory wrong with the most intriguing features and efficient performance. It features PRO technology capable of delivering economic yet efficient performance.

On the other hand, this plasma cutting machine can deliver high speed, high temperature, and high plasma draught. Thus, the cutting of metals turns pretty easy and fast for a wide range of applications. With this machine, you can accomplish metal fabrication, automotive, ducting work, and industrial services and repair as well. 

When it comes to durability, this plasma cutting machine from Super Deal is made of heavy-duty iron, which is almost indestructible. Thus, you can use it for a long time, even for heavy-duty applications or industrial works. However, the lightweight and compact build make it easy to carry and transport anywhere at ease.

Apart from performance, monitoring is also equally crucial for specific needs. With its DC output digital display, you can monitor every aspect required for the plasma cutting process. Being noiseless and having energy savings features are also some of the compelling features which are not present in budget-oriented devices.

Key Features
  • 50 Amp DC Inverter Plasma cutter
  • Features PRO technology for stable performance
  • Provides a high duty cycle for less power consumption
  • Made of heavy-duty iron and solid material construction
  • Comes with a DC output Digital LCD display
  • Comes with Overheat protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, and overheat protection
  • 1.8 times faster than a flame cutter
  • Provides good heat dissipation
  • Low energy consumption and Eco-efficient operation
  • Portable and lightweight at about 22lbs
  • Offers top performance, even for heavy-duty applications
  • Easy to start with the pilot arc-striking system
  • 85% of Efficiency is pretty impressive in this price range
  • Compact and lightweight makes it easy to transport
  • The dial is not as feasible as many other devices in this range but works pretty well
  • Operation initiation is a bit of a challenging task and needs some experience from the user

Verdict: –

This Cut 50 DC inverter plasma cutter from Super Deal is probably the best Cheap Plasma cutter available now. It supports heavy-duty applications with best-in-class technology and the most reliable features. Being an industrial-grade machine, you can carry it anywhere to accomplish all tasks at ease.

6. ZENY CUT-50 DC Inverter Plasma cutter (Low priced 50 Amp Dual Voltage cutting machine)

ZENY CUT-50 DC Inverter Plasma cutter

A simple yet efficient device with all the top-grade features is probably a smart choice from all aspects. This DC inverter plasma cutter from ZENY is one such machine infused with all kinds of high-end features. It uses inverter technology to ensure stable current flow resulting in smooth cuts. Additionally, this technology saves energy by 50% and increases efficiency by 30%.

On the other hand, the high-quality plasma torch enhances the cut quality to a great extent. An efficient plasma torch also required a high temperature. Thus an improved cooling method is implemented for cutting the torch.

With dual voltage support, this plasma cutter can operate at 110V or 220vV with a power of 60Hz.  Thus, you can use it anywhere, from any outlet without any inconvenience. Additionally, you can supply the gas ahead and turn off gas delayed using dedicated functions.  

On top of this, this plasma cutter’s portable and lightweight build makes it easy to transport. Thus, whether it is for Home DIYs or general repairing work, you can travel with this suitcase at ease. However, all kinds of essential protections come with this cutter to ensure safe and reliable performance. 

Key Features
  • 50 Amp CUT-50 DC inverter plasma cutter
  • Features Advanced inverter technology for 50% of energy savings
  • Efficiency increases by 30% due to inverter technology
  • Comes with an improved cooling method for cutting torch
  • Support dual voltage capabilities at 60Hz
  • Features a function to supply gas ahead or delayed
  • Portable design with an easy-to-carry handle
  • Lightweight build at just 22.05lbs
  • Comes with 60% duty cycle and 85% of Efficiency
  • Comes with all kinds of heat, voltage, and shock protection
  • Compact design and easy-to-carry with the sturdy handle
  • With the efficient cooling method and Inverter technology, it is perfect for Home DIYs and small projects with thin metals
  • Power consumption is significantly less compared to other devices at this price range
  • Pretty sturdy and durable design that lasts longer
  • Buttons are relatively smaller than other devices, but it is easy to operate for sure
  • Power cable and ground wire are shorter, but the box is pretty sturdy, and you can know the stretch

Verdict: –

Home garages, workshops, and general repairing works can make the best use of this plasma cutter from ZENY. It features DC inverter technology for a stable power supply and energy savings. Besides, the study design accompanied by useful protection-based features makes it pretty reliable.

7. Cuwiny CUT50D (DC Air Inverter Plasma cutting machine at a reasonable price)

Cuwiny CUT50D

An all-around performer with a decent price range is indeed a safe choice if you want long-lasting performance. This CUT50D plasma cutting machine from Cuwiny is one such device that reigns in the performance category. It comes with advanced IGBT inverter plasma technology for energy efficiency and smooth cuts.

When it comes to performance, this plasma cutting delivers ½” ideal clean cut and 3/5” maximum severance cut with 10-50A DC. Besides, this cutter also features Automatic dual voltage capabilities, using which it can switch easily. However, the advanced inverter plasma technology in this machine makes it highly energy-efficient from all aspects.

Cooling features are equally essential for an energy-efficient device besides performance. This plasma cutter comes with a high-end air regulator equipped with plastic tape. With this air regulator, which is unmatched in the market, this machine confirms the entry in the Best Cheap Plasma cutter review

However, all the essential accessories required for the plasma cutter come built into it. Thus, it can fulfil your requirements in almost all kinds of light-duty applications undoubtedly.

Key Features
  • 50 Amp DC inverter Plasma cutter
  • Features Automatic Dual voltage input capabilities
  • Comes with a world-class air regulator
  • Uses non-hazardous compressed air to cut
  • Features IGBT Advanced Inverter Plasma technology
  • Compact and enclosed design with a rugged build
  • Comes with an analog and a digital display to monitor power flow
  • Easy to operates with a single switch
  • Feasible dial for regulation
  • Comes with a sturdy handle which is easy to carry
  • Rugged plasma cutter with a durable build and sturdy handles
  • Gives smooth cuts without any breaks due to inverter technology
  • Airflow is good and works pretty well in continuous tasks
  • Comes with all kinds of accessories required for cutting
  • Lacks multi-functionality at this price range, but it is a perfect plasma cutter
  • Comes with a single dial to control the current flow but is pretty enough due to built-in features

Verdict: –

This plasma cutter from Cuwiny is a powerhouse and can accomplish any heavy-duty tasks at ease. If you are after professional usage performance, this machine will never let you down from any perspective. Its rugged design and sturdy handles make it easy to carry as well.

8. Hynade HYC45D (Affordable Dual voltage 45A plasma cutting machine)

This plasma cutting machine from Hynade is a reliable device for both professional usage and small projects. It features a High-Frequency Arc Starting with a quality cutting thickness of 6mm. Besides, it delivers a severance cutting thickness of 10mm for intense usage.

The latest IGBT inverter technology in this plasma cutter makes it efficient enough to cut a car’s steel at ease. Thus, you can easily cut stainless steel, Alloy steel, mild steel, 2mm thin copper, 4mm Aluminum, etc.  

This machine’s compact and lightweight build is quite compelling on top of these features and performance tweaks. Thus, you are now getting a power-packed, compact machine with the potential to accomplish any cutting tasks. However, the movable handle on the top of the box makes it easy to carry.

Furthermore, this power-efficient plasma cutting machine comes with a current LED display to monitor all essential readings. With all these features, these machines can deliver a duty cycle of 60% in 40A and 100% in 30Amps.

Key Features
  • 45A Inverter metal plasma cutter
  • Features dual voltage capabilities
  • Comes with latest IGBT inverter technology
  • Features High-frequency touch metal arc starting
  • Comes with current LCD display
  • Delivers duty cycle of 60% in 40A and 100% in 30A
  • Comes with a movable sturdy handle with good grip
  • Compact and lightweight build for easy transportation
  • Comes with two feasible dials for the proper regulation
  • Digital LCD is pretty favorable for monitoring
  • Compact and lightweight build with a sturdy handle makes it pretty comfortable to carry
  • Comes with all kinds of accessories required for plasma cutting
  • Dials are quite feasible to regulate based on needs
  • Perfect for small Projects and DIY works
  • Comes with three years of warranty
  • Not for heavy-duty applications, but IGBT inverter technology does its job pretty well
  • Multiple functions are missing, but in this price range, it is quite reasonable


If you are looking for a compact plasma cutter with a lightweight build, Hynade can easily take care of your tasks. It is pretty easy to carry and comes with all kinds of accessories with useful features. Thus, you can use this machine for accomplishing all kinds of light-duty applications without any inconvenience.  

Buying Guide: – Factors to consider choosing the Best Plasma cutter that suits your requirements 

Now that you are familiar with the top-rated cheap plasma cutters, you must have already chosen the products of your needs. But wait! With key features and pros & cons you should also know whether they are the best option available. Thus, it would help if you went through some of the essential factors that will help you crack the best deal.

There are several factors considering which you can differentiate one product from the other. But, when it comes to cheap plasma cutters, certain factors are quite necessary. As you are looking for reliable performance in an affordable price range, you must use those factors to filter out the best one.

Here are the top 10 essential factors that one must consider to make the Best Cheap Plasma cutter review’s best use. So, let’s dig deeper and crack the best deal.

1. Type of plasma torches: – (Based on your requirements)

Plasma torch plays a significant role in these cutters as the electric arc accompanied by the gas passes through the torch only. However, the electric arc’s power and the gas’s pressure in the nozzle depend on the amperage and wattage.

Plasma cutter Torch
Plasma cutter Torch

There are two common types of plasma torches to accomplish any kind of cutting task for industrial usages or DIY projects. 

High-frequency starting systems: –

These plasma torches are powered by a high-voltage transformer, spark-gap assembly, and capacitors. Besides, these models don’t have any moveable parts and require manual operation to a great extent. 

High-frequency starting systems require frequent maintenance due to manual operation. You will also feel the noise while the cutting procedure is going on. With the high voltage transformer, you can accomplish any kind of heavy-duty application with this plasma cutter at ease.

On the other hand, such plasma torches require industrial-level cooling features to handle the high temperature.  One should go for these high-performance plasma torches only when frequent high performance is required.

Contact start torch: –

Unlike the high-frequency starting systems, these plasma torches use a moving electrode to produce a spark. Thus, you can use the high temperature only when it is required to light the pilot arc.

One of the best things about these contact start torches is that it doesn’t need a pre-flow cycle and can turn on instantly. Most of such contact start torches are noiseless and are available in compact sizes.

If you are associated with any industry that involves plasma cutting being a professional, then the transformer action is the best choice. Similarly, if you are more into DIYs, small home projects for cutting thin metals contact start a torch is enough. 

However, you can also come across Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma cutting technology in some machines. Using this technology, you can cut through any surface without even touching the metal tip, thus producing minimal slag.

2. Power Consumption/ Required power input: –

The performance or efficiency of a plasma cutter depends entirely on the power it operates on. Usually, most of the plasma cutters work on AC input power sources, while few devices are compatible with generators.

You can find AC outlets of 110V or 220v to power your plasma cutters both in your living place or working space. Thus, the best option, in this case, would be machine compatibility with both the AC inputs.

Plasma cutter Power Cord
Plasma cutter Power Cord

There are many plasma cutters with dual voltage capabilities out there from reputed brands. Moreover, you can also find automatic dual voltage features using which the device can switch based on the supply.  

Most of the low price plasma cutters mentioned above feature dual voltage capabilities. Thus, it is easy for you to choose the one for your needs. However, if single AC outlets are present around you, you don’t need to look for this feature. 

3. Duty Cycle: –

The duty cycle is an essential aspect when it comes to plasma cutters. It depicts the capability of the cutter to cut the targeted metal within a specific duration. After this duration is completed, the machine needs to cool down until the next cutting.  Thus, the performance of the plasma cutter depends on the duty cycle to a great extent. 

An efficient plasma cutter can make deeper cuts through consistent performance. You can also use such a plasma cutter for heavy-duty applications without any convenience. However, make sure to look for at least 50% of the duty cycle for decent to good performance in cutting steel or iron.

Anyhow, the plasma cutter with a low duty cycle generally has optimal performance, but for a short time duration. Thus, choose the one best for your typical requirements.

4. Cutting depth: –

A plasma cutter delivering more cut depth is generally considered a powerful machine. But, many affordable plasma cutters can provide beyond 0.25-inch.

Cutting Sheet Depth
Cutting Sheet Depth

You can prefer any of the machines mentioned above for such a performance in heavy-duty applications. Cutting depth delivered by a plasma cutter mostly depends on the depth cycle. For instance, a machine with more duty cycles can also deliver more cutting depth on the targeted metal surface.

5. Efficiency: –

The efficiency of a plasma cutter depicts the ratio of the power consumed and the power delivered in cutting.  Thus, it is evident that the more efficient means good performance in cutting as well. 

In a budget-oriented or entry-level price range, you may see the machine with relatively low efficiency. Here in this Best Cheap Plasma cutter review, we have also enlisted beyond 70% of efficiency.  Thus, finding a capable plasma cutter is way simpler for you in a cheaper price range. 

6. Size and weight of the machine: –

Portability is one of the significant aspects when it comes to professional devices like plasma cutters. Compact and lightweight plasma cutters with a suitcase-type design for easy transportation are a great addition.

Parkside PMSG 100 A1 Plasma Cutter

Thus, all the products mentioned above satisfy this requirement. DC inverter plasma cutters are generally lightweight, with the most intriguing features. It would also help you consider the proper handle and favorable device footprint to fulfill your needs while traveling.

7. Ease of use: –

When using an industrial-grade device, usage frequency is a considerable aspect, and thus ease of use matters a lot. Before confirming a plasma cutter from a bunch of options, make sure that the machine can operate using a single switch.  

Plasma Cutter gas valve
Plasma Cutter gas valve

Most of the latest entries in the markets from reputed brands have such a single switch operation to support beginners. However, make sure to choose a plasma cutter that is pretty easy to operate with good monitoring capabilities. 

8. Safety features: –

The plasma cutter uses high temperature to cut through the metal conductors. So, useful safety features are essential to prevent burns or injuries to users. Almost all manufacturers infuse a ton of protection features in their plasma cutters. But, you should look for the one with useful safety features in a cheaper price range.

Some of the essential safety-based features include overload protection, over-voltage, current protection, overheat protection and shock protection, etc. Well, you can also look for an industrial-level heat sink with a high-speed fan for proper heat dissipation.

With efficient cooling methods, the plasma cutters can enhance the duty cycle to a great extent. A decrease in cooling time also decreases the time for temperature regulation, and thus duty cycle increases.

9. After-sales service: –

Long-lasting performance and durability are the basic requirements before buying a plasma cutter. Thus, one should always look for renowned brands having a good reputation in after-sales service.  

Steel Cutting

The best way to ensure an excellent after-sales service or long-lasting performance is to look for more warranty periods. Besides, the availability of service centers is also equally important. You can get the details of all these factors from past customer reviews. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to find the one for you as we have included the top-rated brands’ devices already.

10. Price: –

Last but not least, as you came looking for the best cheap plasma cutter, price is indeed the biggest concern. Compare your chosen product with as many products as possible. You can also consider different brands with similar specs to get the most out of your investment. 

Try not to compromise on the price if your chosen machine comprises any of the factors mentioned above. Therefore, you will be in a safe zone to fulfill all your requirements with a reasonable price range.

The winner of the race: – An all-round performer in essential aspects

By now, you have indeed chosen one of the plasma cutters which can fulfill your requirements and meet your expectations. By considering all the essential aspects mentioned above, you are indeed capable of choosing the one by yourself. Well, we have simplified your quest to a whole new level in this Best Cheap Plasma cutter Review. 

Well, after considering all the essential factors from the buying guide and going through the core features, Mophorn is a close call for an all-rounder. Besides being an efficient plasma cutter with dual voltage capacity, it is also a TIG and ARC welder.

Thus, it is the only multifunctional machine that can serve more than one application in a cheaper price range. However, you can also rely on the Non-touch Pilot Arc plasma Cutting Technology. It comes with all kinds of accessories in the box and offers a fair amount of efficiency and duty cycle.

Anyhow, the Mophorn multifunctional plasma cutter is a decent all-around performer, which leaves it victorious among the Best Cheap plasma cutters. If you are looking for a plasma cutting machine that can accomplish heavy-duty applications, Super Deal is a great deal. Similarly, when it comes to simple yet consistent performance, Cuwiny and Zeny take a leap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I expect a good duty cycle in a cheap plasma cutter?

Ans:- In 2020, indeed you can! There are many renowned brands out there making quite efficient plasma cutters as mid-range devices. With such plasma cutters, you can accomplish most of the general tasks and DIYs at ease. You can also have a multi-function display in the budget-oriented price range. Thus, all you have to do is look for good specs, and you can find a cheap plasma cutter for a good duty cycle.

Q2. Are cheap plasma cutters sturdy and long-lasting? 

Ans:- If you are looking for a plasma cutter in a reasonable price range, you can indeed find a durable and long-lasting one. All the products mentioned in this review are pretty durable and trustworthy. Coming from the reputed manufacturers in the industry, all of them have sturdy builds with long-lasting performance. You can get a minimum of one year of warranty in almost all of them with good service centers as well.

Q3. Should I prefer a renewed plasma cutter for heavy-duty applications?

Ans:- Yes, but you have to consider all the essential factors in the buying guide to ensure reliable performance from renewed products. However, you should consider a refurbished plasma cutter if you want an incredible duty cycle on a congested budget. But, the duty cycle of the used machine indeed reduces to some extent. So, make sure to acknowledge some compromises before picking a renewed one.

Q4. Should I consider cooling capability over efficiency?

Ans:- Both the features have equal importance, as you can’t get enough duty cycles with weak cooling methods. The better the heat dissipation, the better the performance will be. Thus, you should give equal importance to both the cooling process and efficiency. You can get both efficiency and good cooling capabilities in most of the machines in the cheaper price range.

Q5. Are there any chances of shock while using plasma cutters?

Ans:- Yes, but all the modern plasma cutters come inbuilt with anti-shock protection and short-circuit protection. Thus, you don’t need to fear the electric shocks while using the plasma cutters. However, if you are using an old plasma cutter with broken cables and connections emitting sparks, you should change it as soon as possible.


Now that you are here, you must have chosen the product best suiting your requirements. If not, make sure to consider every essential factor from the buying guide while going through the reviews. 

In this way, you can be assured of efficient plasma cutters without any compromises. As we have infused only the best versions in the respective category, you don’t need to put in more effort. Apart from this, don’t compromise on your budget until there are significant upgrades. 

Choose to increase your budget only if the device is capable enough to fulfil your requirements in the best way. However, it is always better to go for an all-around performer to accomplish any task at ease. With such devices, you can be tension-free whether you are into heavy-duty tasks or general tasks.

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