About Us

Some years back, a boy from California named Kyle Anderson found his passion for welding. Despite all the difficulties, his love for welding never ceased. This enthusiasm inspired us all. We became a team – the Welding Gurus. 

About Us

At Welding Gurus, we see welding as a passion, not merely any profession. Our team lives for the job. We understand the challenges and love to solve them. The zeal for knowledge and passion for welding has made us create this website with all our dedication.

Our Vision

Welding is more than just a rewarding profession. Welding Gurus is a labor of love by people like us who have dedicated themselves to such a dangerous job. Our vision is to provide adequate information to all welding-related queries. We look forward to helping you with every single detail you would ever need for welding. 

Even if you have not started your welding career, here at weldingguru.com, you can just read articles to expand your knowledge. Our team is always ready to enlighten our readers with the last bits of experience we have. We pledge to serve you with the best quality content to weld the gaps in your passion and profession. 

Our Mission

How many welders do you see around you? Well, the number will surely discourage you. When Kyle came into this profession, he knew no one. The welding industry lacks proper guidance. Therefore there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered.

We look forward to making a community to guide each other through. This website intends to serve you all the crispy, hot knowledge that you need to know to set off for your next welding project or equipment purchase. While we expect to put our best into this site, we also hope to get your support and make it a collaborative effort. 

Thank you for showing interest and coming to this page. We hope this will be worth your time.